Amplify Your Events Content

We know, event planning is quite the operational nightmare. Sourcing a location to host the big day, making sure you’ve sent all the right details to all the potential attendees, scheduling the running order and different platforms, promoting the event before hand… and that’s to name just a few parts of it. Once you’ve pulled it all off you’re going to want to brag a little right? Why not amplify your events content?
We’re not talking a quick write up of the event touching on a few of the highlights, no, no, no. Great copy is… well, great. It’s an art form. However capturing the hype around an event is something video does in ways no other medium does. Take for example this short from Above All, who collaborated with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee on what’s bound to be the first of many festivals.

Now you may recall from our YourTube blog we mentioned 3 kinds of content; hero, hub and hygiene.

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